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Wikia search, the search engine of Jimmy Wales‘ company Wikia, is now online as an alpha version. Everything is very basic so far – no much functionality, content or eye-candy. It relies on user contributions and is supposed to be open and transparent. Life scientists have a (new) tool to search for literature: GoPubMed. Many […]

I really enjoy the discussions and ideas about Open Science and Open Knowledge etc. in the web. Hopefully it will change the way how we communicate and do science. On the other hand I see the problem that these discussions are mainly done by the 31337 web-addicted scientists while the majority of scientists is not […]

Wiki paper – an experiment

April 25th, 2007

EN: Kevin Kelly proposed in the article Speculation of the Future of Science wikis as a tool for collaboratively creating scientific articles that will constantly grow. Maybe this is a further step into that direction: As Jean-Claude Bradley announced on Useful Chemistry, he has started an experiment in which he uses an open wiki to […]

Waiting for WikiProteins

March 30th, 2007

EN: I am asking myself when WikiProfessionals will launch WikiProteins. In a news post [1] ( alternatively check this ars technica article) it was claimed to be online in March 2007. At the moment the website only shows the demo video of the protein annotation wiki. It will have strong Semantic Web functionality under the […]

Improved Wikis for research

February 19th, 2007

EN: As O’Reilly Radar reports the NFS announced an award for the development of wiki based systems that help to improve the research process. Unfortunately I get an error message when trying to connect to the original site with the announcement (also and Google Cache don’t help). A comment on the O’Reilly Radar entry […]

Chaosradio wiki online

July 12th, 2006

DE: Nach einem kleinen Clash zwischen den Wikipedia-Admins und Tim Pritlove hat Chaosradio nun sein offizielles Wiki erstellt, das darauf wartet mit Inhalt gefÀllt zu werden. Ich war immer schon erstaunt, was Tim alles in seinem Benutzerbereich abgelegt hat, aber ganz korrekt war die Löschung nicht, wie ich finde. Wie auch immer, nun ist ein […]

Wiki fÌr die Wissenschaft

April 11th, 2006

DE: Golem berichtete Ìber Wikinger: Ein Wiki fÌr die Wissenschaft. Das Fraunhofer Institut fÌr Medienkommunikation entwickelt mometan dieses Wiki Next Generation Enhanced Repository, welche neben WIki-Ìblichen Eigenschaften auch Techniken des semantischen Netzes nutzt. Es soll eines Tage als Plattform fÌr wissenschaftlichen Informationsspeicherung und Recherchen dienen.