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Here comes just a quick movie recommendation of a film that I haven’t even seen so far but am quite excited about. I am talking about the documentary “Home” by the French journalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand. It captures the beauty and diversity of the earth and shows the negative impact of the human culture in aerial […]

Niiice … for people who didn’t make it to the conference and missed the live stream of a talk – there some raw dumps online. HTTP 1: 2: [via Marius News Blog]

The Google Blog informs us that the Google Privacy Channel has started offering advice how to enhance privacy when using Google products. Well, nice try but I hope Nat Torkington is right and we can see soon the Google Privacy Dashboard … where consumers can view all the information that Google has about them, request […]

Finally I took the time to record and finalize the screencast (Xvid4, mpeg, Google Video (*)) of a talk I gave some weeks ago at the EMBL PhD retreat in Barcelona. It is called “A quick trip through openness, freedom and transparency” (pdf) and covers open source, open formats, Creative Commons, open access, open science/knowledge […]

The title says everything so here is the link to the video archive.

EN: For people who are interested in the talks but cannot attend the camp (and for the lazy slackers who want to stay in the tents) there are good news: The streams are online now.

EN: As Jonathan has written already a nice overview of the Metagenomics 2007 conference (while I was spending my time exploring San Diego … call me a slacker) and as the videos will be online soon, I will only post my take-home-messages: The recording and use of additional meta-information might be a key-factor for a […]

EN: Andrew Hessel gave a cool Tech Talk at Google called “Pimp my Genome! The Mainstreaming of Digital Genetic Engineering“. It is an introduction for non-biologists (well, not only) to Synthetic Biology and Open Source Biology. I have not stumbled over iGem before this talk, which looks quite interesting.