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Small personal 25C3 wrap-up

January 4th, 2009

The 25th Chaos Communication Congress (25C3) that took place from the 27th to 30th December 2008 in Berlin was an excellent meeting – like all *C3s I participated so far. The topic “noting to hide” was a theme that was found in many talks about technology and society. Some of my personal highlights were Dan […]

Ah, so much to do here. So just some of the highlights. Yesterday Markus Beckedahl (!) gave some (23?) hints of how to fight for your rights starting from lobbying, creating and influencing media, coding etc. FX of Phenoelit showed cool barcode hacks. Wanna have an upgrade of you flight ticket? Give it a go […]

Niiice … for people who didn’t make it to the conference and missed the live stream of a talk – there some raw dumps online. HTTP 1: 2: [via Marius News Blog]

There was a talk (German) by Steini (*) about the current status of e-books and the future developments in the morning session today. It covered the few current available e-book readers and the status of displaying technologies (e-ink, bistable LCD displays, visplex, etc.). Although e-books are quite promising the available ones (mainly the Sony libre, […]

I just listen to two cool talks (actually sitting in a sofa down in the Hackcenter watching the live stream :)): At first: Drew Endy (MIT – Department of Biological Engineering) introduced the audience to molecular, computational and synthetic biology and showed the connection to Making. He mentioned the possible security issues that come up […]

OpenCON 2007

December 1st, 2007

Since yesterday the OpenCON 2007 – a yearly conference only dedicated to OpenBSD – is taking place in Venice. Around 130 developers and users having a good time here and are socializing (as usually) very well. There were some very helpful tutorials yesterday and now the we have a packed schedule of talks. We expect […]

Finally I took the time to record and finalize the screencast (Xvid4, mpeg, Google Video (*)) of a talk I gave some weeks ago at the EMBL PhD retreat in Barcelona. It is called “A quick trip through openness, freedom and transparency” (pdf) and covers open source, open formats, Creative Commons, open access, open science/knowledge […]

I really enjoy the discussions and ideas about Open Science and Open Knowledge etc. in the web. Hopefully it will change the way how we communicate and do science. On the other hand I see the problem that these discussions are mainly done by the 31337 web-addicted scientists while the majority of scientists is not […]