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The days of social data silos are finally counted … yesterday OneSocialWeb made a plug-in for OpenFire and a console client available for download. These two programs are the first bricks for building a distributed social network. A web client and a client for Android will follow soon (I had luck – Laurent Eschenauer provide […]

It’s good to see that there is a growing movement that aims to free the online identity and the social graph from silo platforms with dubious privacy agreements and to offer decentralized entities as new harbors. While I like the idea of the Diso Project that tries to implement decentralized social networks by extending server-located […]

The DiSo project is a promising attempt to create a distributed social network which is not following the “silo” approach as other social networks do. The blog of the project offers a short (4 min) introductionary video in which Chris Messina explains the vision and ideas behind this solution. The project will make use of […]

Googles’s Social Graph API

February 1st, 2008

The Google Code Blog introduced today the Social Graph API which is meant to make the information of a social graph to be reused easily. It’s based on the open standards XFN and FOAF data that is embedded into websites. You can find some simple toys to get the idea at the project page. It […]

Concerns regarding OpenSocial

November 1st, 2007

I guess you didn’t miss the big hype about Googles OpenSocial (link doesn’t work so far), which is a set of open API standards for social networks. I like Google for using open standards and working with and not against the community. But regarding this opening of social networks (same for FOAF/XFN) I have strong […]

Although I have not been out of office for so long (CCCamp and some other stuff) my dear office mates had the felling I am permanently on the road. During the last time I collected some topics I would like to write about, which I will do today. Here are some links I just want […]

EN: The New Scientist revealed [1] the funding of research for using social network platform as basis for person prolifing by the National Security Agency. The author of the article assumes that the semantic web will make this abuse of this rich data sources much easier. It’s again a shame how the state fools people […]