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August 23rd, 2007

Michael Nielsen who is writing a book about the future of science posted a week ago an excerpt with a scenario of micropublications. This is nothing else than Wiki-Science as is e.g. described by Kevin Kelly. But the expression micropublication make it very clear that the smallest unit of scientific publications does not need to […]

EN: I think I am not the only one who would like see that Connotea makes use Nature Precedings meta-data during the tagging procedure. So far not even the title is fetched automatically.

EN: Well, I think it is nothing completely unexpected but interesting to see research going on about this: Lesser et al. showed that nutrition studies are biased by the sources of their funding. For interventional studies, the proportion with unfavorable conclusions was 0% for all industry funding versus 37% for no industry funding (p = […]

Nature Precedings

June 18th, 2007

EN: As announced on Nasecent the preprint-server Nature Preceedings is officially launched now: Nature Precedings is a place for researchers to share pre-publication research, unpublished manuscripts, presentations, posters, white papers, technical papers, supplementary findings, and other scientific documents. Submissions are screened by our professional curation team for relevance and quality, but are not subjected to […]

… at least not in Science or Nature (also other journal from the Nature family e.g. EMBO journal) as Undernews reported. These publisher cannot handle the new format (docx). Hopefully this issue stimulates to rethink the current pipelines. Having a work flow based on a proprietary format (and despite its name Microsofts new Office Open […]

Wiki paper – an experiment

April 25th, 2007

EN: Kevin Kelly proposed in the article Speculation of the Future of Science wikis as a tool for collaboratively creating scientific articles that will constantly grow. Maybe this is a further step into that direction: As Jean-Claude Bradley announced on Useful Chemistry, he has started an experiment in which he uses an open wiki to […]

EN: Ted Freeman from Allen Press invited me to give a talk (slides) at the 2007 Allen Press Emerging Trends in Scholarly Publishing Seminar in Washington (D.C.). It was a very stimulating meeting and I will try to give a small report on some of the contributions. The foci of the talks might be in […]

EN: As pointed out on the BMC journal Source Code for Biology and Medicine has now published its first volume. So far there are not enough articles to judge if there is really a filtering regarding code quality (including good documentation) going on what I really would like to see.