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Although I have not been out of office for so long (CCCamp and some other stuff) my dear office mates had the felling I am permanently on the road. During the last time I collected some topics I would like to write about, which I will do today. Here are some links I just want […]

Privacy International published an analysis [1] in which 23 (! ;)) web companies are ranked by their treatment of the users’ privacy. As described before (and here again) Google’s huge collection of personal data that is havested by the toolbox of services can be seen as a harm for privacy. The authors of the study […]

EN: Google announced a change of their privacy policy. Some months ago I mentioned a posting by fred’s house with a proposal of a service named “Google Data Privacy (GDP)” (Pedro liked that idea, too). Google seems now to be aware of the community’s wish of better privacy protection and will adapt their systems in […]

EN: Today The German Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof) announced that the spying of computers of suspected persons is illegitimate. The German Interior Minister Wolfgang SchÀuble wanted to introduce the possibility of monitoring PCs without the knowledge of the observed person (using Trojan horses). After the rejection of the proposal SchÀuble will now try to […]

Google and Privacy

October 13th, 2006

EN: A posting at freds house expresses exactly my concerns about Google but also offers a solution. The problem is that Google just has too many superior services (the search engines, Google Maps, Google Reader, Goggle Mail etc.). Sounds great as you need only one account for using always the best service on the market […]