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The days of social data silos are finally counted … yesterday OneSocialWeb made a plug-in for OpenFire and a console client available for download. These two programs are the first bricks for building a distributed social network. A web client and a client for Android will follow soon (I had luck – Laurent Eschenauer provide […]

Miro – open internet tv

November 13th, 2007

I use the upcoming release of version 1.0 of the Miro Media player (previously know as Democracy Player) as an occasion to report about this cool project. There are many video platforms in the web but most of them are silos based on proprietary formats. The Participatory Culture Foundation wants to solve that: Miro is […]

… at least not in Science or Nature (also other journal from the Nature family e.g. EMBO journal) as Undernews reported. These publisher cannot handle the new format (docx). Hopefully this issue stimulates to rethink the current pipelines. Having a work flow based on a proprietary format (and despite its name Microsofts new Office Open […]

The 23C3 offered a lot of excellent and inspiring talks and the official recording will hopefully be online soon. One talk (german) about Jabber/XMPP reminded me on a Chaos Radio broadcast (german, too) about the same topic that I heard recently. As it seems that not too many people know about Jabber/XMPP I would like […]