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Man, time flies, autumn is here (actually the chocolate stuff for Christmas are around much longer) and OpenBSD 4.4 is realeased! So if you haven’t tried the sweetest operating system of the planet universe you might give it a try this time. Banish all the proprietary and wanna-be-Unix operating systems from your machines and enjoy […]

The DiSo project is a promising attempt to create a distributed social network which is not following the “silo” approach as other social networks do. The blog of the project offers a short (4 min) introductionary video in which Chris Messina explains the vision and ideas behind this solution. The project will make use of […]

Steven M. Thompson has initiated a petition to make Accelrys‘ GCG and SeqLab available under an open source software. He wants to prevent the loss of these bioinformatics tool sets after Accelrys’ recent decision to stop the support and development of them.

Good physics phun

March 4th, 2008

Phun – A fun 2D physics sandbox by Emil Ernerfeldt – seems to be an awesome program that can be a black hole for planned working hours. You can draw physical objects and switch on gravity and friction etc. Have a look at the video. It reminds me on the video MIT sketching which showed […]

Ah, so much to do here. So just some of the highlights. Yesterday Markus Beckedahl (!) gave some (23?) hints of how to fight for your rights starting from lobbying, creating and influencing media, coding etc. FX of Phenoelit showed cool barcode hacks. Wanna have an upgrade of you flight ticket? Give it a go […]

Miro – open internet tv

November 13th, 2007

I use the upcoming release of version 1.0 of the Miro Media player (previously know as Democracy Player) as an occasion to report about this cool project. There are many video platforms in the web but most of them are silos based on proprietary formats. The Participatory Culture Foundation wants to solve that: Miro is […]

Concerns regarding OpenSocial

November 1st, 2007

I guess you didn’t miss the big hype about Googles OpenSocial (link doesn’t work so far), which is a set of open API standards for social networks. I like Google for using open standards and working with and not against the community. But regarding this opening of social networks (same for FOAF/XFN) I have strong […]

Puffy is back – OpenBSD 4.2

November 1st, 2007

Who needs leopards if you can have fish? The OpenBSD project proudly presents OpenBSD 4.2 – the operating system for the practical paranoid. As usually Federico Biancuzzi has interviewed some of the developers about the current release. The interview will be is online at O’Reilly’s ONLamp.