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My girlfriend got a shiny new EEE PC and an O2 Germany UMTS stick … which does not run out of the box. So here is short description how to get the Option iCON 225 3G-USB (UMTS) stick that you get from O2 Germany (but there are also other models!) running with the Xandros GNU/Linux […]

iPhone pushes ebooks

July 13th, 2007

EN: Since quite a while I use plucker to read books on my Treo, but would like to see many more book available in a digital form. Although I personally will not buy a iPhone but prefer an open alternative, I hope its popularity will bring finally a breakthrough of ebooks. This post on O’Reilly […]

The sniffing net

October 23rd, 2006

EN: Ubiquitous computing and “web of things” can be scary and exiting at the same time: The company Gentag develops combinations of cell phone, geolocation, sensors and RFID technologies to make a network of detecting systems possible. There are sensors for different chemicals including toxic agents and allergens but they advertise it also as system […]

Linux based Palm OS

March 30th, 2006

EN: In the smartphone community there have been rumours about a Linux base Palm OS around for quite a while. David Beers writes in his blog that a Palm close informant has confirmed the existence of such a project at Palm (not PalmSource!) and also of a Treo 650 prototype running with this. An official […]


February 20th, 2006

EN: Building a bridge between Wikipedia and the reald world – Semapedia. What a pity that my smartphone is not (yet) supported. :(