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The title says everything so here is the link to the video archive.

EN: As Jonathan has written already a nice overview of the Metagenomics 2007 conference (while I was spending my time exploring San Diego … call me a slacker) and as the videos will be online soon, I will only post my take-home-messages: The recording and use of additional meta-information might be a key-factor for a […]

EN: At the moment I am attending the Metagenomics 2007 conference in San Diego. Around 190 scientists from 12 countries came together to discuss recent results in metagenomics and related fields. I will later post some notes I took at the talks (as least some of them). To get an overview what’s going on here […]

EN: Even if you are usually not interested in Metagenomics – the pure size of the Global Ocean Sampling Expedition results is impressive. The Craig Venter Institute published a collection of papers (and other media) about that was expected already for a long time ago. Seems like this huge amount of data and other technical […]

EN: Environmental Microbiology asked nine specialists of the field to have a view into the crystal ball [1]. Single-cell genomics was mentioned more than once. I hope the authors are right and this technology will be used for more environmental sequencing projects in the future. The combination of microfluid separation systems (or other similar technologies) […]