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EN: The ENCODE-project presents the results of the functional analysis of 1% of the human genome [1]. I have not have the time to read it completely so far but listened to a talk by Ewan Birney at EMBL on Tuesday. The approach might be the prototype of how some of the big questions in […]

EN: The next step to the personal genome: Yesterday James Watson, one of the discoverers of the DNA structure, got the sequence of his genome. It was sequenced by 454 in two month and cost less than $1 Million. Watson will make parts of his genome public soon. More information can be found in the […]

EN: Andrew Hessel gave a cool Tech Talk at Google called “Pimp my Genome! The Mainstreaming of Digital Genetic Engineering“. It is an introduction for non-biologists (well, not only) to Synthetic Biology and Open Source Biology. I have not stumbled over iGem before this talk, which looks quite interesting.