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Here comes just a quick movie recommendation of a film that I haven’t even seen so far but am quite excited about. I am talking about the documentary “Home” by the French journalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand. It captures the beauty and diversity of the earth and shows the negative impact of the human culture in aerial […]

The financial crisis and the climate change should make everybody think about our current global financial system and its implications to society. Most actions that are taken by governments, banks and companies are superficial or even just populist window dressing and only aim to maintain a sick and weak system. Artificial stimulation of the consumption […]

Craig Venter gave a talk at the TED conference this year in which he presented a synthetic biology approach to create an organism that might solve two major problems of mankind: The increasing CO2 concentration in the atmosphere and limited fuel resources. Venter claimed that the project will take further 18 month. The video of […]

Running out of oil

May 1st, 2007

EN: What would happen if we run out of oil today? World Without Oil, an alternate reality game, simulated this scenario. Different online media like blogs, podcast and videos are used to create this made-up reality and draw a picture of the peak oil situation. Hopefully it stimulates thoughts about the topic and real action, […]

Lack of water

April 4th, 2007

EN: The lack of water is already a major problem in certain areas of the world and as the world’s population and living standards increase, the situation will aggravate. An interview in the ZEIT (german) with the CEO and president of the advisory board of NestlĂ© Peter Brabeck-Letmathe gives more insight into that topic. Brabeck-Letmathe […]

EN: The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and Google started a collaboration to show hot spots of environmental damages in Google Earth. Here is an article about that in NewScientistTech.