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Happy new 2008 1984. Germany has now the data retention but this doesn’t mean that we cannot fight back. Via Roland‘s delicious links I stumble across This proxy lets you surf any page anonymously in a very easy solution if you don’t want to set up Tor or JAP. Only disadvantage is it’s low […]

I wrote some time ago about the new law for data retention in Germany. It passed all hurdles and will come into effect starting from the 1st January 2008. The connection meta data (phone, cell phone, internet) of all citizen of Germany will be stored for six month then. A law suit against this law […]

EN: Hacking-paragraph, biometric passports … German politicians decided in the last time against the recommendations of IT/security specialists (german). Next law in the pipe: telecommunication data retention. The benefits of this law are very low, the effort of the implementation is quite high and the potential of abuse of the stored data (german) is tremendous. […]