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Here comes just a quick movie recommendation of a film that I haven’t even seen so far but am quite excited about. I am talking about the documentary “Home” by the French journalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand. It captures the beauty and diversity of the earth and shows the negative impact of the human culture in aerial […]

Wikipedia license update

December 2nd, 2007

As Lawrence Lessig reports Wikipedia has made a resolution to update it’s license and make it compatible with a Creative Commons license: It is hereby resolved that: The Foundation requests that the GNU Free Documentation License be modified in the fashion proposed by the FSF to allow migration by mass collaborative projects to the Creative […]

EN: Last weekend I was on a small meeting of computer affine people. Some are involved in interesting projects. One is OpenStreetMaps which has the aim to create street maps under a free content license. Everybody can contribute by uploading GPS data of streets etc. using one of the easy to use interfaces. Sure you […]

EN: Just found Yahoo!‘s Creativ Common Search. It only gives links to content published under a Creative Common license.