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Some weeks ago my brother who works in the field of Neuroscience made me aware of a genealogical tree of his scientific community called NeuroTree. This inspired me to think about such a tree for science in general which might give interesting insights into the scientific community and reveal connections that usually only insiders have […]

Outch! Styczynski et al. [1] found an error in the BLOSSUM62 – THE substitution matrix used since 16 years in bioinformatics for protein database searches. Lessons learned: Don’t stop questioning even fundamental laws/tools/assumptions/etc. Transparency – in bioinformatics the access to the source code and the data – is essential for proper science [Via Suicyte Notes] […]

The STRING and STITCH blog

March 2nd, 2008

For the bio crowd: If you want to be informed about news regarding the web tools STRING (proteins and their interaction) and/or STITCH (protein-chemicals interactions) you should have a look at the blog that Michael set up recently for that purpose.

Lars Juhl Jensen, another member of the Bork group, started his new blog Buried Treasure some days ago. As said in his first posting the main intension is to make some of his scientific loose ends public: My primary goal with this blog is to make my never-to-be-published observations openly available. As I donā??t plan […]

Bio::Blogs#18 out now

February 1st, 2008

Issue #18 of Bio::Blogs is available at Bioinformatics Zen and has some hot links regarding Open Notebook Science and other topics for the bio crowd.

Check out the 16th edition of Bio::Blogs hosted by Pawel.

EN: The ENCODE-project presents the results of the functional analysis of 1% of the human genome [1]. I have not have the time to read it completely so far but listened to a talk by Ewan Birney at EMBL on Tuesday. The approach might be the prototype of how some of the big questions in […]

EN: It is again the beginning of a month so time for a new issue of Bio::Blogs. The 11th edition is hosted on nodalpoint (pdf-version) and has the usual best-of-bioinformatics-blogs of the previous month (thanks Pedro!). Additionally a collection of tips with focus on best practice in bioinformatics can be found on Bioinformatics Zen (pdf). […]