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The financial crisis and the climate change should make everybody think about our current global financial system and its implications to society. Most actions that are taken by governments, banks and companies are superficial or even just populist window dressing and only aim to maintain a sick and weak system. Artificial stimulation of the consumption […]

OpenBSD 4.3 released

May 1st, 2008

After 6 months of hard work the OpenBSD project released version 4.3 of the great, (non-)fishy operating system. As usually there is a collection of micro-interviews with some of the developers about new features at the O’Reilly’s BSD DevCenter.

This year the well known EMBL PhD Symposium will cover fields belonging to the topic “Decision Making in Biology – Nature at the Crossroads” and you can already register. It is still some time until October (23rd – 25th) so the program is not yet available but the list of speakers looks very promising.

Outch! Styczynski et al. [1] found an error in the BLOSSUM62 – THE substitution matrix used since 16 years in bioinformatics for protein database searches. Lessons learned: Don’t stop questioning even fundamental laws/tools/assumptions/etc. Transparency – in bioinformatics the access to the source code and the data – is essential for proper science [Via Suicyte Notes] […]

Steven M. Thompson has initiated a petition to make Accelrys‘ GCG and SeqLab available under an open source software. He wants to prevent the loss of these bioinformatics tool sets after Accelrys’ recent decision to stop the support and development of them.

Craig Venter gave a talk at the TED conference this year in which he presented a synthetic biology approach to create an organism that might solve two major problems of mankind: The increasing CO2 concentration in the atmosphere and limited fuel resources. Venter claimed that the project will take further 18 month. The video of […]

Ivica just created a Firefox toolbar for iTOL which might be handy if you manage your phylogenetic trees with this cool web tool. (Yes, looks like I became the unofficial announcer of new tools etc. from the Bork group) … that wasn’t planned.)

Duncan is hosting the 19th Bio::Blogs issue and wrote down some thoughts about bioengineering. Pedro will take care of the next one that might cover data integration.