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tldr; Please endorse my application for the Open Science Policy Platform of the European Commission in the comments of this blog post. Please also consider applying or support others in becoming a member of that platform. The European Commission has currently an open call for applicants that will represent the community at the Open Science […]

BOSC 2015 wrap up

July 13th, 2015

I am just back from this year’s BOSC (Bioinformatics Open Source Conference) 2015 in Dublin. BOSC is definitely one of my favorite community gatherings. One reason for this is that the common value – the understanding that openness is an essential part of science – is omnipresent and the foundation of every project presented there. […]

Update: Mark Hahnel just pointed out that there should be no such test entities made public (so you don’t need to test it – I can tell you that it works) and that there will be a sandbox fur such purposes soon. But in general the approach could be used. Figshare is considering code submission […]

It’s time to resurrect this blog after a long time of silence. So let’s start with a quicky. I hope to manage to write more frequently again. Today Jean-Marc Ghigo – principal investigator at the Institute Pasteur – gave at talk at our instiute. He presented his research results which reveal that volatile molecules can […]

It looks like Michael Kuhn kick-started the Flattr wave for the science blogging scene. As not everybody knows what this service is – here is a short intro: Flattr is a social micropayment system that makes it very easy to pay content creators like bloggers, podcasters, programmers or photographs little amounts of money just with […]

It has been quite a while since I was working in a wet lab the last time but I still have a lot of respect for the busy bees generating data there. It’s hard to imagine such a lab without personal computers which get data automatically from the detecting apparatus or manually from the experimenter. […]

Some weeks ago my brother who works in the field of Neuroscience made me aware of a genealogical tree of his scientific community called NeuroTree. This inspired me to think about such a tree for science in general which might give interesting insights into the scientific community and reveal connections that usually only insiders have […]

HAR – 01 – The first talks

August 15th, 2009

It’s summer hacking camp time again! The Hacking at Random (HAR) opened its gates on Thursday and a lot of interesting things have been going on there since that. As usual I want to share some of my personal views on selected parts of this huge event and give some insights about what is happening […]