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HAR – 01 – The first talks

August 15th, 2009

It’s summer hacking camp time again! The Hacking at Random (HAR) opened its gates on Thursday and a lot of interesting things have been going on there since that. As usual I want to share some of my personal views on selected parts of this huge event and give some insights about what is happening […]

Pumping data into the cloud is getting more and more popular. Although I like the scalability, flexibility and also the more efficient use of computation power I think it brings a lot of disadvantages (privacy, vendor lock, etc.) with it. Luckily open source projects like GroundOS (which will be released soon) start to offer open […]

Personal SSL-wall-of-shame

January 22nd, 2009

I find it sad that many even quite popular online platforms still do not offer TLS/SSL encryption for the login process and beyond that to keep users passwords and data safe. In some cases the option to use encryption is available but not everybody is aware of that. So I compiled my personal collection of […]

My girlfriend got a shiny new EEE PC and an O2 Germany UMTS stick … which does not run out of the box. So here is short description how to get the Option iCON 225 3G-USB (UMTS) stick that you get from O2 Germany (but there are also other models!) running with the Xandros GNU/Linux […]

Small personal 25C3 wrap-up

January 4th, 2009

The 25th Chaos Communication Congress (25C3) that took place from the 27th to 30th December 2008 in Berlin was an excellent meeting – like all *C3s I participated so far. The topic “noting to hide” was a theme that was found in many talks about technology and society. Some of my personal highlights were Dan […]

Man, time flies, autumn is here (actually the chocolate stuff for Christmas are around much longer) and OpenBSD 4.4 is realeased! So if you haven’t tried the sweetest operating system of the planet universe you might give it a try this time. Banish all the proprietary and wanna-be-Unix operating systems from your machines and enjoy […]

The DiSo project is a promising attempt to create a distributed social network which is not following the “silo” approach as other social networks do. The blog of the project offers a short (4 min) introductionary video in which Chris Messina explains the vision and ideas behind this solution. The project will make use of […]

Yes, maybe I am little bit too nitpicky, but this bugs me: April 30th 1993 the World Wide Web became officially accessible for the general public and libwww became open source. Some media saw this as a reason to celebrate yesterday the 15th birthday of the WWW. Due to this “birthday” I stumbled across a […]