tldr; Please endorse my application for the Open Science Policy Platform of the European Commission in the comments of this blog post. Please also consider applying or support others in becoming a member of that platform.

The European Commission has currently an open call for applicants that will represent the community at the Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP). It will be an expert group which will advise the European Commission. This is a great opportunity for the community to push for Open Science top-down in addition to the commonly practiced bottom-up approaches.

There are two modes of applying to become a member of this platform: Either as representative of an organization or as an individual representing the community. I am happy to see that some of the rock stars of Open Science – Björn Brembs and Cameron Neylon (Update: also Daniel Mietchen) – are going to apply and are currently asking for endorsement. Without any doubt they MUST be member of the OSPP. Furthermore, I have suggested that the OKF Open Science Group will send one representative and think Jenny Molloy is the ideal candidate for this.

The call states that the OSPP is going to consist of 20 to 30 members and I think it is very important that more people from the community try to join this platform. Due to this I am planning to apply to become a member and like to state why I think I bring the required competence.

As a bioinformatician at the University of Würzburg, Germany, I am an active researcher who is involved in numerous projects (see my list of publications). I am developing open source software (e.g. READemption), trying to make my analyses reproducible (e.g. this repo), use pre-print servers (READemption manuscript) and generate open educational resources (e.g. a Unix Shell course for Biologists). Since the start of my PhD I am contributing to the discussion how the exchange of information in science can be improved. I started a “Science 2.0” talk series about this in 2006 at the EMBL (the page is unfortunately down meanwhile) and organized the First Online EMBL PhD Symposium in the same year. Since then I gave several talks and co-authored papers (e.g. An Open Science Peer Review Oath) about Open Science. I am a founding member of the German speaking OKFN Open Science Working Group in which I am trying to connect members of the community e.g. by organizing calls and workshops. Furthermore, I am co-host of Open Science Radio – a podcast about Open Science founded by Matthias Fromm. Due to my activities I know the struggle one faces if one would like to make science open and transparent. Openness is a cornerstone of science and I personally would like to work much more open but am restricted as I have not the required permissions. Especially as someone who is mostly working in collaborations I see that many researchers would like to work more openly but are afraid of that as the current evaluation system is not addressing/rewarding this adequately.

I would be very happy if I could be one of the representatives of the open science community in OSPP and I would like to ask you for endorsing me by posting a comment to this blog post.

8 Responses to “Applying for the European Commission Open Science Policy Platform”

  1. Andreas Leimbach

    Dear Konrad,

    I whole-heartedly endorse your application to the OSPP.

    Dr. Förstner is a leading example in integrating Open Science principles in active research as shown in his application above. Because he’s working in close collaboration with wet-lab scientists, he has a unique insight into problems and adversities to Open Science practices in the lab reality.

    With this experience and background he would be an excellent choice for the OSPP.

  2. Ross Mounce

    I think you would make an excellent representative for the open science community. I hereby endorse your application.

    Dr Ross Mounce,
    Software Sustainability Institute Fellow 2016
    Dept. of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge

  3. Matthias Fromm

    I am delighted to support Konrad’s application for the OSPP.

    Over the last years Konrad has been an highly active member of the German and international open science community/ies. He’s taking a stand for the principles of open science in his daily work and collaboration with other scientists and thus driving the further dissemination of these principles. Being an active researcher, I am sure that he will be able to make a valuable contribution to the expert group regarding how to put open science into practice.

    Matthias Fromm
    Founder of the Open Science Radio

  4. Bernd Rupp

    I hereby endorse Konrad’s application for the OSPP.
    I hold you for a ideal candidate as representative of the open science community. Thank you for your tireless commitment.
    Bernd Rupp
    Scientific coordinator of the DACS project.

  5. Frank Hellwig

    I endorse Konrad Förstner as representative of the Open Science community in the Open Science Policy Platform advisory group.

  6. Mike Taylor

    I endorse Konrad Förstner as a useful member of the OSPP, due to his practical involvement in many areas of open scholarship.

  7. Pawel Szczesny

    Open Science Foundation supports Konrad’s application for Open Science Policy Platform.

  8. Markus Ankenbrand

    I hereby endorse Konrads application for the OSPP. I can’t think of a better representative for open science in this platform. Konrad is a champion of open science for years.

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