A first taste of the distributed social web

Posted April 13th, 2010 by konrad

The days of social data silos are finally counted … yesterday OneSocialWeb made a plug-in for OpenFire and a console client available for download. These two programs are the first bricks for building a distributed social network.

A screen shot of the web client

A screen shot of the web client

A web client and a client for Android will follow soon (I had luck – Laurent Eschenauer provide me with an account for an installation of the rudimentary web client). If you play around with the programs you will recognize that they have many rough edges and miss many functions so far – they are in a very early stage. Despite this OneSocialWeb is in my opinion on of the most promising projects in this field and a look at the protocol specification made me quite exited. Everything is build on XMPP (=> real-time) and other open standards. On the list of functions are Activity Stream over XMPP (which works currently), VCard4 over XMPP, Social Relationships and a Personal Eventing Protocol (PEP) Inbox. If you like to play around with early stage (console) tools have a look at the github repositories of the project and help to improve them.

Update: If you need an account for a running server – ping Laurent.

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