Last week I registered to Cliqset in the hope to finally find the last über-aggretator I need to combine all my live stream services. As my expectations were not fulfilled I tried to explore my disappointment and to find out what I was missing in all the aggregators I tested so far. In my opinion the problem is that platforms like friendfeed, cliqset, lifestream.ff etc. are build to spread my content to other platforms and to bundle my various output streams into one. The function that is missing is the insertion of streams of other people than me from outside the platform. An example might make this clearer: I would like to read the postings of all the people I follow in e.g. twitter, and friendfeed in one service. This service could be friendfeed. What I see there in my personal view are all the streams of people who have a friendfeed account and who I follow. If all these people would have a twitter account and added that one to their friendfeed stream I could theoretically unfollow them on twitter and just read their posts on friendfeed. Unfortunately this is not reality and only a fraction of the people who I follow on twitter and own a friendfeed account. So I would like to tell friendfeed to take all the status messages of the people I follow on twitter and and integrate them like postings of friendfeed users into the stream that I see. At this point redundant postings (same person – same text – different platforms) could be removed.

Let’s talk tech for the case that I still could not make myself understood: I want a combined, real-time, non-redundant stream of

  • and

If you step back now and have a look at what I just have described you see that this is kind of a real-time RSS reader (time for PubSub, isn’t it?) including all the other goodies that friendfeed offers (e.g. sending to multiple platforms, commenting). An other description would be a multi-service client for status services.

My question: I this already possible to do so with friendfeed or one of it’s clones and I just missed it? Or am I the only one interested in that? Is there something around like this? Even Regine who is usually quite informed about the options of such tools could not help me (but inspired me to do a little visualization). … Maybe the solution will be Google buzz that just arrived (not yet available for me).

Update: Google buzz seems to be more a part of the problem than a part of the solutions. Maybe Cliqset was not a too bad hint. It offers a FeedProxy for many other services and makes it very easy to harvest the streams nicely wrapped using Activity Streams. This could be easily used to write something from scratch. But I still hope to find a ready solution.

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  1. Regine Heidorn

    Put into words well and I like your vis :-)
    When we were talking about that the only thing that came to my mind was Yahoo pipes, as you can combine any streams and filter. But to filter for redundancies would be complicated and it will not be possible to get the feeds of protected accounts, like in Twitter for example.
    To put it in my words and where I think I have the same needs as you do: I want a stream-aggregator of my networks based on my accounts and the people I follow there. That aggregated stream is supposed to filter network-loops (same posts from the same person that run automatically through different accounts), retweets and same URLs behind different short-URLs. And there would be more worth filtering, certain hashtags etc. does something close to that, but, as the name says, only for twitter. What it brings is a kind of analysis: what URLs have been posted most in my network. I therefore suppose ist not only aggregating my followers, friends and my followings, but also theirs.
    Which would be the second demand to an über-aggregator: some buzz-analysis that you can adjust to your own convenient intervalls, like from the last hour up to the last year or so.
    Damn, you told me your idea and now I desperately want that über-aggregator! NOW!

  2. Konrad Förstner

    Okay, so whoever feels to implement this can be sure to have a market of two people. I don’t feel alone anymore. :) The functions you proposed would really spice it up.

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