HAR – 01 – The first talks

Posted August 15th, 2009 by konrad

It’s summer hacking camp time again! The Hacking at Random (HAR) opened its gates on Thursday and a lot of interesting things have been going on there since that. As usual I want to share some of my personal views on selected parts of this huge event and give some insights about what is happening here. Although this is just a small fraction of the whole camp I like to point out that you can follow the talks via lifestreams (check the main page for links) .

HAR 2009 - WikiLeaksAfter the official opening the WikiLeaks project presented some highlights of their published whistle blower documents and pointed to the recently created list of most wanted documents. Due doe the growing trend of censorship that is going on in many countries in the recent time there was the need for some follow up sessions. Yesterday was a panel discussion just about this topic. It was a fine line up of known people from the scene. It would have been interesting to have somebody from the other side who a pro-censorship. Still this was an informative session that ended with the conclusion that this global trend to (internet) censorship has to be fought by global, united voice against it. The Internet Society might offer a umbrella for that.

Michael NielsenAnother early talk was hold by Michael Nielsen. After being in contact with him now for some years it was great to see him in person. In his talk he was covering the current trends and future of scientific communication. He pointed out that it the new technologies are mainly used by young researchers but also by selected already established individuals like Terence Tao who might have a lighthouse function.

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