Let’s rock the ukulele

Posted April 28th, 2009 by konrad

Konrad's UkuleleYes, I did it! I bought an ukulele. I have to admit that I was heavily influence by Tom Hodgkinson but I was looking for something like that for a while (until recently I considered to buy a melodica) and just missed the final push to buy it. The ukulele is a perfect solution if you want to entertain you and your friends without much effort. It’s cheap, it’s small, it’s fun, and you can sing while you play it (well if you can sing … ;) ) which does not work properly with a melodica.

This great video helped me to get started with it in around thirty minutes. The promised 10 minutes were not enough as I had to tune the ukulele first. For this I searched for suprano ukulele sample files (you can figure out which kind of ukulele you own by measuring the size of it) – but used the tones in the video in the end. Now I am trying to get further into it. Something that I have not found so far is a platform where I can give the chords I am able to play (currently C, F and G) and the style of music I like to play and then get a list of songs. Anyhow – great gigs ahead! :)

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