My girlfriend got a shiny new EEE PC and an O2 Germany UMTS stick … which does not run out of the box. So here is short description how to get the Option iCON 225 3G-USB (UMTS) stick that you get from O2 Germany (but there are also other models!) running with the Xandros GNU/Linux on the Asus EEE PC. Most of the steps are taken from a french tutorial but the last ones are essential to make the whole thing fly. I updated the system before but I am not sure if this was necessary:

  1. Get a console by pressing Ctl+Alt+T
  2. Become root: sudo su
  3. Go to the /tmp directory: cd /tmp
  4. Download the file: wget
  5. Unpack it: tar zxf icon225.tar.gz
  6. Run the install script: ./install
  7. Edit the configuration file: kate /home/user/conninfo.ini
    • APN=”surfo2″
    • PIN=YOUR_FOUR_NUMBER_PIN – replace this by your personal PIN
  8. Try in the console: sudo ./ up – This did not work me! If it works for you – congratulations. I got a problem with the AT initialization string “CGDCONT”.
  9. I searched a little bit and found the solution for: For O2 Germany the string has to be modified in the file to at+cgdcont=1,”ip”,”internet” . This is found in line 78 in my version of the file. You can find the diff at the bottom of the posting. If you don’t use O2 you might have to change it differently. Just search for “CGDCONT” and the name of your provider.
  10. The sudo ./ up works now for me after three connection attempts of the script (so do not stop it too early). I do not know why it needs the first three attempts but I maybe somebody else can improve the script.
  11. To disconnect use sudo ./ down or just pull the stick

Here is the diff of the original file and the modified version:

$ diff connect.sh_mod
< echo “OK \”AT+CGDCONT=1,,\\\”$APN\\\”^m\”” >> $SCRIPTFILE

> echo “OK \”AT+CGDCONT=1,\”IP\”,\\\”$APN\\\”^m\”” >> $SCRIPTFILE

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