Small personal 25C3 wrap-up

Posted January 4th, 2009 by konrad

The 25th Chaos Communication Congress (25C3) that took place from the 27th to 30th December 2008 in Berlin was an excellent meeting – like all *C3s I participated so far. The topic “noting to hide” was a theme that was found in many talks about technology and society. Some of my personal highlights were Dan Kaminsky’s talk, but also the annual Security Nightmares talk and the Fnord News Show. John Gilmore’s keynote talk had some good thoughts (identity multiplicity and fluidity; problem that encryption is not included in infrastructure, so it is harder to use; age checks without identification) but also some point that I have to think more about (surveillance is equal for all as mentioned in the transparent society).

I was hanging out mostly at the OpenBSD booth and was helping with the merchandise stuff while also playing around with my OpenMoko Freerunner. Pierre Pronchery (“khorben”) gave an extremely helpful workshop about the OpenMoko. In the near future I will write about some OpenBSD specific issue (connecting from an OpenBSD machine to the OpenMoko). I also had a good chat with some programmers of the Pyneo project. They are developing a python stack that runs on top of a GNU/Linux on an OpenMoko and that makes developing application very easy. Last but not least I gave a lightning talk about the ProductTransparency project that was started recently and got quite some feedback.

Many thanks to the organization team and all the helping hands that made this event possible!

And as always – some photo impressions:

25C3 Keynote

The keynote talk.

25C3 Posters
I always like the spontaneously created posters there.

25C3 ConFidEnce fortune cookie
Fortune cookies found in the cookies from the ConFidEnce organization team.

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