Here is just a quick link to an article about privacy and security by Bruce Schneier at Wired. He explains the wrong perception regarding the trade-off between these two values. The debate isn’t security versus privacy. It’s liberty versus control. […] If you set up the false dichotomy, of course people will choose security over […]

SPIEGEL archive freely accessible

February 13th, 2008

As announced recently Europes biggest magazine DER SPIEGEL (trans. = “The mirror” – not to confuse with “The Mirror” in UK!) made today articles of SPIEGEL (including sub-magazines and their lexicon) and Manager Magazin at online available for the public. The material is still copyrighted but it is a huge knowledge dump as the […]

Lars Juhl Jensen, another member of the Bork group, started his new blog Buried Treasure some days ago. As said in his first posting the main intension is to make some of his scientific loose ends public: My primary goal with this blog is to make my never-to-be-published observations openly available. As I donā??t plan […]

It looks like the predictions come true and semantic web takes off in 2008. After Google another big player (one you wouldn’t expect in the game at the first first glance), Reuters, made a nifty tool for semantic processing called Calais available. The Calais web service automatically attaches rich semantic metadata to the content you […]

Bio::Blogs#18 out now

February 1st, 2008

Issue #18 of Bio::Blogs is available at Bioinformatics Zen and has some hot links regarding Open Notebook Science and other topics for the bio crowd.

Googles’s Social Graph API

February 1st, 2008

The Google Code Blog introduced today the Social Graph API which is meant to make the information of a social graph to be reused easily. It’s based on the open standards XFN and FOAF data that is embedded into websites. You can find some simple toys to get the idea at the project page. It […]