Let’s try to keep some privacy

Posted January 3rd, 2008 by konrad

Happy new 2008 1984. Germany has now the data retention but this doesn’t mean that we cannot fight back. Via Roland‘s delicious links I stumble across Anonymouse.org. This proxy lets you surf any page anonymously in a very easy solution if you don’t want to set up Tor or JAP. Only disadvantage is it’s low speed. For easy use have a look at the toolbar and/or Firefox search plug-in. If you want to use a Firefox keyword search (always handy!) enter


into the Location field.

An alternative for the data collector Google could be the metasearch enginge Ixquick. According to their private policy they delete user specific information after maximum 48 hours. There are also different Firefox search plug-ins available. For the above mentioned keyword search use


Any other suggestions for keeping privacy when surfing?

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