EN: Hacking-paragraph, biometric passports … German politicians decided in the last time against the recommendations of IT/security specialists (german). Next law in the pipe: telecommunication data retention. The benefits of this law are very low, the effort of the implementation is quite high and the potential of abuse of the stored data (german) is tremendous. […]

The Max Planck Society has not extended it’s contract with Springer. Michael summarized the story nicely.

Semantic web logos

October 19th, 2007

The W3C has created a set of logos to promote semantic web technologies. Nice! (What this means for microformats can be found here. :))

Finally I took the time to record and finalize the screencast (Xvid4, mpeg, Google Video (*)) of a talk I gave some weeks ago at the EMBL PhD retreat in Barcelona. It is called “A quick trip through openness, freedom and transparency” (pdf) and covers open source, open formats, Creative Commons, open access, open science/knowledge […]