The title says everything so here is the link to the video archive.

Listen to Wikipedia

August 30th, 2007

Pediaphon, a project of the University of Hagen (Germany), generates audio files of English and German Wikipedia articles on the fly. It can be used with a web browser but there is also a WAP interface and way of requesting the audio file via SMS and a phone call. Nice example barrier-free access to Wikipedia. […]

Web data mining made easy

August 29th, 2007

Man, and I just complained about Spock which is nothing in comparison to this: If you need an efficient tool for collecting and connection web data about people, organizations etc. then Paterva’s Evolution is the answer for you … but hey, why do you need such a thing?!?. I stumbled across it via a good […]

Sun just started the FOSS Open Hardware Documentation wiki and offers to publish specifications of hardware after request. This should make it easier for open source projects to code drivers. Theo de Raadt recently criticized Sun for their lacking hardware documentation which was an inspiration for starting this wiki. I hope more vendors will follow […]

As was reported in the media (e.g. title story of the german Spiegel magazine) computers of the German government were compromised by Chinese black hat hackers. The Chaos Computer Club uses this incident to question the competence of the decision makers regarding IT security. Certain politicians are constantly proposing to use Trojan horses to infiltrate […]

Ear bud cable keeper

August 27th, 2007

Okay, this won’t make it into Make Magazine but maybe it helps you to solve the cable chaos of your ear bud headphone. It’s my do-it-yourself-version of a TuneTie, a ear bud cable keeper, and can be built with some cardboard, sticky tape, a knife and around 10 minutes of time. Just cut the cardboard […]


August 23rd, 2007

Michael Nielsen who is writing a book about the future of science posted a week ago an excerpt with a scenario of micropublications. This is nothing else than Wiki-Science as is e.g. described by Kevin Kelly. But the expression micropublication make it very clear that the smallest unit of scientific publications does not need to […]

I really enjoy the discussions and ideas about Open Science and Open Knowledge etc. in the web. Hopefully it will change the way how we communicate and do science. On the other hand I see the problem that these discussions are mainly done by the 31337 web-addicted scientists while the majority of scientists is not […]