Metagenomics 2007 conference report – part 1

Posted July 12th, 2007 by konrad

EN: At the moment I am attending the Metagenomics 2007 conference in San Diego. Around 190 scientists from 12 countries came together to discuss recent results in metagenomics and related fields.

I will later post some notes I took at the talks (as least some of them). To get an overview what’s going on here have a look at the program. The talks are also available as a webcast and (I guess) later downloadable.

Jonathan offered to ask questions if they are posted to him.

3 Responses to “Metagenomics 2007 conference report – part 1”

  1. Konrad Förstner

    I went to the “Computational Metagenomics” workshop, that was taking place at the same time. But I will watch the video when it is available.

  2. Greg

    I highly recomend workshop 1 with

    Medical Metagenomics
    Human biology

    Chair: Trevor G. Marshall, Autoimmunity Research Foundation

    I think he is speaking and his functional modeling of innate immunity is first rate. Have fun!

  3. Greg

    ah, I guess that’s too late. However, you should look into his handout or recorded video feed if it becomes available.
    Best, G

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