EN: Just a quick link belonging to my “let’s-promote-OpenBSD”-postings: The company Echothrust published recently a series (1, 2 ,3) of short articles in which they describe how they use exclusive OpenBSD-based systems in their daily business. It is an informative introduction which clearly shows that OpenBSD is a reliable alternative on all application fronts. [Via […]

EN: As Jonathan has written already a nice overview of the Metagenomics 2007 conference (while I was spending my time exploring San Diego … call me a slacker) and as the videos will be online soon, I will only post my take-home-messages: The recording and use of additional meta-information might be a key-factor for a […]

iPhone pushes ebooks

July 13th, 2007

EN: Since quite a while I use plucker to read books on my Treo, but would like to see many more book available in a digital form. Although I personally will not buy a iPhone but prefer an open alternative, I hope its popularity will bring finally a breakthrough of ebooks. This post on O’Reilly […]

EN: At the moment I am attending the Metagenomics 2007 conference in San Diego. Around 190 scientists from 12 countries came together to discuss recent results in metagenomics and related fields. I will later post some notes I took at the talks (as least some of them). To get an overview what’s going on here […]

EN: A presentation by Heather Piwowar at Nature Precedings directed my attention to a PLoS ONE article about data sharing and its effect on the citation rate by her [1]. Now as we have a proof that publishing data increases the amount of citations, more people are hopefully motivated to do so. Unfortunately I think […]