Waiting for WikiProteins

March 30th, 2007

EN: I am asking myself when WikiProfessionals will launch WikiProteins. In a news post [1] ( alternatively check this ars technica article) it was claimed to be online in March 2007. At the moment the website only shows the demo video of the protein annotation wiki. It will have strong Semantic Web functionality under the […]

23C3 media online

March 27th, 2007

EN: Quick link – As announced the video and audio files of the 23rd Chaos Communication Congress (23C3) are online now. Same for the official proceedings.

Citizendium launched

March 26th, 2007

EN: The Citizentdium, a Wikipedia forked that was announced on the Wizard of the OS 4, is finally online. It is based on contributions of selected, known by name experts. This means the mechanism for generating high quality articles is quite close to the one of Scholarpedia (“the free peer reviewed encyclopedia written by scholars”). […]

The real danger of drugs

March 23rd, 2007

EN: Just a short notice. David Nutt et al. published an article [1] in The Lancet with a wholistic view on the danger of drugs including physical harm, addiction potential, and social effects. Bottom line is that some legally available substances like alcohol and tabaco are more dangerous than illegal ones like cannabis, LSD, ecstasy, […]

EN: Google announced a change of their privacy policy. Some months ago I mentioned a posting by fred’s house with a proposal of a service named “Google Data Privacy (GDP)” (Pedro liked that idea, too). Google seems now to be aware of the community’s wish of better privacy protection and will adapt their systems in […]

EN: Even if you are usually not interested in Metagenomics – the pure size of the Global Ocean Sampling Expedition results is impressive. The Craig Venter Institute published a collection of papers (and other media) about that was expected already for a long time ago. Seems like this huge amount of data and other technical […]

EN: This looks very promising – Freebase combines the Web 2.0 (community based data generation/maintenance) and semantic web (using meta data for making information better “understandable” for machines) philosophy in one application. It’s the first child of the company Metaweb (nomen est omen) and will be Creative Commons licensed (nice!). Tim O’Really wrote a helpful […]

EN: O’Reilly Radar has a interesting discussion about the technologies to fight e-mail SPAM. But I am not sure if fighting SPAM alone makes the world a better place. SPAM is a symptom that shows that (1) there are too many unsecured computers connected to the net and (2) there is enough criminal energy out […]