Chaos Communication Camp 2007

February 23rd, 2007

EN: For those who haven’t heard about it so far: There will be a Chaos Communication Camp this year which will takes place from the 8th – 12th August in Finowfurt (close to Berlin). If you are interested in Open Source, IT, hacking, art, knowledge distribution, science and the whole world this might be the […]

Improved Wikis for research

February 19th, 2007

EN: As O’Reilly Radar reports the NFS announced an award for the development of wiki based systems that help to improve the research process. Unfortunately I get an error message when trying to connect to the original site with the announcement (also and Google Cache don’t help). A comment on the O’Reilly Radar entry […]

Open Knowledge meeting in London

February 15th, 2007

EN: The Open Knowledge Foundation will hold the Open Knowledge 1.0 meeting on March 17th 2007 in London. The program looks already interesting but it seems like there are still open slots for more contributions. [Via Boing Boing]

Free your phone

February 15th, 2007

EN: Finally the open source mobile communication platform OpenMoko has a proper web presence including a wiki, a news collection site (with RSS feeds) and more. It contains information about the software (Linux and based) and the first hardware platform called Neo1973.

EN: Today’s “wow”: Yahoo! Pipes looks really like a cool web application. You can use it to combine, filter, sort and do much more with RSS feeds just by using the Pipe web-editor. The result is dumped as a new RSS feed. O’Reilly radar has three articles about it, one by Tim O’Reilly in which […]

The Web 2.0 propaganda Video

February 8th, 2007

EN: I can recommend you to have a look at the fancy video Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us. Nicely done by Michael Wesch who is an assistant professor of cultural anthropology. [Via lessig blog]

EN: Quick self-explaing link: Petition for guaranteed public access to publicly-funded research results

EN: Today The German Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof) announced that the spying of computers of suspected persons is illegitimate. The German Interior Minister Wolfgang SchÀuble wanted to introduce the possibility of monitoring PCs without the knowledge of the observed person (using Trojan horses). After the rejection of the proposal SchÀuble will now try to […]