How do you feel?

January 29th, 2007

EN: An awesome interactive visualization of the feelings in the blogosphere can be found on We feel fine. Blogs are used as a data source by being parsed for expressions of feelings. [Via O’Reilly Radar] Update: Just found a fitting cartoon for this. ;)

EN: … ScientificCommons which is online since September 2006 wants to become exactly that: The major aim of the project is to develop the world’s largest communication medium for scientific knowledge products which is freely accessible to the public. For this ScientificCommons is integrating data from many (to date 841) repositories. The interface is simple […]

EN: Environmental Microbiology asked nine specialists of the field to have a view into the crystal ball [1]. Single-cell genomics was mentioned more than once. I hope the authors are right and this technology will be used for more environmental sequencing projects in the future. The combination of microfluid separation systems (or other similar technologies) […]

EN: Linden Lab announced that the Second Life client source code will be soon available under an open source license. I played around a little bit with Second Life and we used it for our Wine-and-Cheese-session in our online symposium. At that time the system struggled with stability problems but in general it was a […]

The 23C3 offered a lot of excellent and inspiring talks and the official recording will hopefully be online soon. One talk (german) about Jabber/XMPP reminded me on a Chaos Radio broadcast (german, too) about the same topic that I heard recently. As it seems that not too many people know about Jabber/XMPP I would like […]