Proven security problems of RFID passports

Posted August 4th, 2006 by konrad
EN: The highly debated e-passports with RFID chips can be easily abused as Lukas Grunwald showed at the current Black Hat Conference. Regarding to a Wired article the security consultant was able to clone the chips. Further security flaws and possibilities of misusage are described in article.

2 Responses to “Proven security problems of RFID passports”

  1. Konrad Förstner

    Yes, something one would expect. At least the cloned data cannot be changed “because the passport uses cryptographic hashes to authenticate the data”.

    But I definitely feel less secure after the introduction of the RFID chips for this purpose. Just got a new passport some weeks ago. I think before I go travelling with it I will buy a protective envelope.

  2. Pedro Beltrão

    It was beautiful :). It is also a bit scary, I really thought they would encrypt this things.

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