DE: Wie u.a. die Netzeitung berichtet klagt die Vereiningung der Rundfunkgebührenzahler gegen die Zahlung von Grundgebühren für PCs, die ab 2007 in Deutschland eingeführt werden soll.


March 30th, 2006

EN: Find some unique sad|funny|scrary|shocking|depressing postcards at the PostSecret-blog and hope they are faked (which I don’t think).

Linux based Palm OS

March 30th, 2006

EN: In the smartphone community there have been rumours about a Linux base Palm OS around for quite a while. David Beers writes in his blog that a Palm close informant has confirmed the existence of such a project at Palm (not PalmSource!) and also of a Treo 650 prototype running with this. An official […]

The Blob in your OS

March 28th, 2006

EN: Here it is – the new OpenBSD release song Blob! (mp3, ogg). The song should make people aware of blobs – binary firmware that vendors give to opensource projects making it possible to use the vendors hardware. Unfortunately they don’t give the specification of the devices or the source code of the drivers but […]

EN: The Kleptones made their new mashup album 24hours available for download. My personal favorites: Amazing Temptation, Crazy Tonight = Strong Teeth, and Daft Purple.[via]

M$ in trouble – ajaxWrite

March 24th, 2006

EN: Some days ago Google bought Writley, now the and Linspire founder Michael Robertson presented ajaxWrite, another web-based textprocessor. The functionality is quite limited at the moment but if you extrapolate the trend you can see the end of classical, locally installed office packages in the near future.

EN: The current issue of Nature [1] contains a collection of interesting free access articles about the future of computing. [1] Nature 440, 383 (23 March 2006)

EN: Michael Crichton, famous author of books like Jurassic Park, discusses in This Essay Breaks the Law (published in New York Times) the excessive use of patents in research, medicine, and media business in the USA.