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Add an icon short cut for a shell script to the Favorites in Ubuntu netbook edition

The latest Ubuntu netbook edition (10.4) is organized in different workingspace (I am not sure what is the official expression for it) like “Favorites”, “Accessoires ” and “System”. I wanted to add an icon to the “Favorites” section to run a shell script that performs a backup. This can be done the following way:

  • Go to the “System” workspace and open “Main Menu”.
  • In there create new item e.g. in “Accessoires”.
  • Give it a proper name like “Backup” or whatever your script does.
  • Fill the “Command” field with something like “gnome-terminal -e ‘~/bin/my_backup_script.sh'”. (Please read the gnome-terminal manual if cannot guess what this does – “man gnome-terminal”)
  • If you want you can also explain the script in the command field.
  • To save and finish click “Okay”.
  • Now you have created a new short cut. So go to “Accessoires” where the new icon should be found.
  • If you hover the mouse over the icon a “+” symbol should become visible. If you click that sympbol the icon is added to your Favorites.
  • Done